Rognidan-Vikrutividnyan is the groundwork of all the clinical subjects. The subject helps you to understand in depth the disease (Vyadhi-vidnyanam) & its pathogenesis (Samprapti Vidnyanam), the art & science of the clinical examination methods (Aatur or Rugna Parikshan Vidhi); the signs & symptoms or clinical features of the disease, the required investigations (Vyadhi pariksha vidhi) & the interpretation of their results as well. The subject deals with not only the diagnosis but also the prognosis (Sadhya-sadhyatwa) of any disease. Thus it renders the student to understand the philosophy as well as practicality of vyadhi-vidnyanam.


  • Students are regularly encouraged for Group discussions and have to mandatorily participate & present clinical cases at intra-departmental as well as inter-departmental levels.
  • General & Special activities:- Teachers and students are always participating in extracurricular activities.